Xerox Machine Pro

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The Xerox Machine Pro is a set of 19 Photoshop Actions that brings your artwork all the way back to the 60's and runs it through the OG photocopier: a Xerox machine. Grainy, gritty, and gorgeous- this set of actions not only gives you a multitude of options for photocopy grain weight, but unlike Xerox Machine Lite, also allows you to uniquely color separate any artwork with ease using Doronstudio©'s patented technique. Along with this comes 15 bonus paper & photocopy textures to really sell the look.


🏆 19 Actions Total

🧱 4 sets of grain weight (Light, Medium, Heavy, Ultimate)

🎨 Each set comprised of 4 actions each allowing for different color separations (Basic, Basic Color, Intermediate Color, Advanced Color)

🏅 Bonus set of 3 actions "Sharp Photocopy" that emulates the sharpening halo effect seen in old photocopies

🖨 15 Bonus Paper & Photocopy Textures for authentic print effects


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