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Save $450+ with this bundle! 


Introducing the Diamond Bundle - the ultimate toolkit for modern graphic designers. Get ready for a sensory overload of design assets that will take your skills and portfolio to the next level. This is the quintessential bundle for designers who are serious about upping their game and becoming an expert.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, the Diamond Bundle has everything you need to create stunning designs in no time. With high-quality products that are user-friendly and fully customizable, you can spend more time bringing your creative vision to life and less time on the technical details.

But that's not all - this bundle also includes every mock-up I’ve ever made, making it the ideal choice for merchandise designers and clothing brand owners alike. Create beautifully realistic displays of your work where aesthetics and utility meet.

Access a wide range of design assets, including Photoshop tool kits, presets, text effects, and more today. This bundle is truly one of the greatest investments you can make to enhance your design skillset and build a standout portfolio.

Don't settle for less. Invest in the Diamond Bundle today and become a design champion.




  • VINTONE  ®
  • Worn Plastisol Texture Kit
  • Xerox Machine Pro
  • Grunge Texture Kit Vol. 1
  • CRT Modulator
  • Halftone Diffusion
  • JPEG Decompressor
  • Texture Scans Vol. 1
  • Los Angeles Apparel Hoodie Mockup
  • Vintage Layered Tee Mockup
  • Los Angeles Apparel Tee Mockup
  • Los Angeles Apparel Longsleeve Mockup
  • Midweight Hoodie Mockup
  • Vintage Screenstars Tee Mockup
  • Knitted Sweater Mockup
  • Vintage Heavyweight Hoodie Mockup
  • Comfort Colors Tee Mockup
  • Boxy Mockneck Tee Mockup
  • Alstyle 1301 Tee Mockup
  • Shakawear Tee Mockup
  • Puffer Jacket Mockup
  • Heavy Fleece Sweatpants Mockup
  • Midweight Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup
  • Rue Porter Ultra-Luxury Tee Mockup
  • Beanie Mockup
  • Heavy Boxy Tee Mockup
  • Raglan Crewneck Mockup
  • Vintage Zip-Up Hoodie Mockup
  • Max Heavyweight Tee Mockup
  • L.A. Apparel Shorts Mockup
  • Denim Jeans Mockup
  • L.A. Apparel 1801GD Vintage Tee Mockup

+All Legacy Bundle Mock-Ups (20+)


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